FORM2000 is an OEM supplier specialising in fabricating sheetmetal components for manufacturers’ end products.

Our advanced automated facilities provide an integrated supply solution ensuring clients components are delivered in time to meet the tightest of manufacturing schedules. We provide a complete end-to-end service from concept design, through prototyping, production to delivery. Our highly experienced production team design and manufacture to exacting specifications and to the highest quality and finishing standards.

FORM2000 is a sheet metal manufacturer located in Melbourne, supplying clients Australia wide.
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FORM2000 invests in ensuring we offer the latest in factory automation technology allowing us to run high mix, and varying volume of components to meet the needs of multiple clients and/or model variations.

Our Melbourne based facilities can easily accommodate small, large, simple or complex component manufacturing project depending on the application.

Precision machinery and refined production processes increases the possibilities allowing us to push the boundaries of design innovation and to manufacture components not previously thought possible in sheetmetal manufacturing.



FORM2000 works with its customers to develop a fit for purpose solution. We offer a collaborative design process that starts with concept development. Once your needs are understood and agreed our design team develop 3D concepts and assess buildability and provide cost estimates. Prototypes can be manufactured for assessing fit and built form. Once approved our engineers plan the manufacturing process and provide final costings.

Of course, you might know exactly what you want and can provide final specifications. Whatever your need, FORM2000 provides you with the fastest path toward a delivered high quality product to suit your supply chain.


Automated machinery provides many benefits. FORM2000’s factory process is suited to high mix low volume production runs enabling us to break your order down for split deliveries.

Let’s say that over a 12 month period you forecast the need for 1,000 components but don’t want to take delivery of the entire order in one batch. FORM2000 can manufacture that order in a number of short runs over the year to meet your short term manufacturing requirements. Less cash tied-up in inventory and less inventory to warehouse.

Importantly, automation guarantees that each time we set-up to run your component it is manufactured exactly the same as previous batches with no variation.

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