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2016 Sep

We hear a lot about the demise of local manufacturing; the decline of the auto industry and further moves to offshoring. So what gets us out of bed in the morning?

Fortunately, there are enough examples of progressive companies, networks and industry structures providing a critical mass to underpin Victoria’s future manufacturing sector.

We’d like to share a few.

Best Practice Network of Victoria

The Best Practice Network of Victoria is a forum designed to bring together a number of forward-looking manufacturing companies across a range of industries with a common aim to develop the sector across the State for the collective benefit of all.

While membership is diverse, the forum provides the opportunity to share key operational learnings and issues common across many manufacturers. Topics range from strategic business planning to operational management, asset management and reliability engineering, project management, LEAN manufacturing, supply chain management, and sales and marketing.

At FORM2000, we are proud to be a part of this innovative network.

As FORM2000’s general manager, Simon Mollison says, “A key benefit of being part of the group is the opportunity to visit member sites and see how people are dealing with similar issues to us on the ground.”

We’ve been pleased with how open and collaborative these forums have been as everyone genuinely seeks to learn from, and help, others,” he says.

We’ve taken some of the ideas directly from examples and case studies of other members, which have ultimately benefited our own sheet metal manufacturing operation – seeking essentially to continually improve our own operation and adopt what is ‘best practice’.”

FORM2000 will play host to the group’s leadership group at a breakfast event scheduled late October.

The Victorian group is part of a national network of Best Practice groups. A national summit will be held in February focusing on the ‘4P’ model – People, Process, Purpose, Performance.

Something to keep in the diaries.

Next Generation Manufacturing Investment Programme

Speaking of high-performing Victorian manufacturers, congratulations to Round 2 Grant Recipients of the Next Generation Manufacturing Investment Programme (announced in August).

The grant programme is designed to support projects involving setup or expansion of high-value manufacturing activity with expected net economic benefit to the State. Some interesting projects in the mix from companies including:

Sealite, MiniFAB (Aust), RayGen Resources, Marand Precision Engineering, Walkinshaw Automotive Group, Intervet Australia, Xlam Australia, Meyer Timber, Textor Technologies, Third Zeton, Australian Lamb, Wilson Transformer, Universal Biosensors, Asaleo Care, and SNF (Australia).

Future Industries Manufacturing Program

Further on the grant trail.

Also announced recently were 3 recipients of funding under the Victorian Government’s Future Industries Manufacturing Program.

Congratulations to Radio Frequency Systems, IDT Australia Limited and Crusadar Hose on the successful funding of projects worth a combined $764K – collectively designed to install additional plant, boost exports and create new jobs in the State.

The program, which provides funding for up to $500K to companies implementing new manufacturing technologies and processes, remains open for applications.

Further Information

Victoria Best Practice Network and OPEX National Summit

Next Generation Manufacturing Investment Programme Round 2 Grant Recipients

Future Industries Manufacturing Program

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