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Best fit solutions for final delivery

Leave the rest to us

We take great care to ensure that your final OEM component/s are carefully packed and delivered. Our customers appreciate the effort that we put in to ensuring that every detail is covered.

We pay great attention to providing final packaging solutions that are designed to safely accommodate a range of multi-component sizes, weights, and volumes. We use a range of options, including plastic sleeves, cartons, pallets, stillages, crates and other transport packaging.

When packaging components, we start with a logic that is based on final assembly. We take the headache away from our customers by ensuring that all components can be easily pieced together on site, providing date batch stamping; component assembly options, including wiring, and/or partial assembly at our facilities.

We find it’s the little things that our customers appreciate the most.


  • Packaging options
  • Transport logistics
  • Pre-preparation for final assembly
Assembly & Packaging solutions by factory personnel at FORM2000

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