Assisting customers to develop innovative custom sheet metal components

  OEM Sheet Metal Component Outsourcing

Many businesses conclude that sheet metal product manufacturing is not core business and choose to outsource the fabrication of sheet metal product components to FORM2000's Melbourne factory, rather than the business internally tying up capital and managing the trades required to fabricate sheet metal components.

Our huge investment in automation and deep commitment to innovative technology, training and systems means that we can supply fabricated sheet metal products in an OEM role far cheaper than in-house manufacturing and with superior quality, consistency and flexibility in design options.

Our customers are continually astounded at what can be achieved with custom sheet metal fabrication.

  Concept Development for Sheet Metal Products

At FORM2000 we work with our customers to develop custom, fit-for-purpose solutions for their sheet metal product requirements. We offer a collaborative design process that starts with the sheet metal product's concept development.

Having FORM2000’s experts involved at an early stage can add immense value to your custom sheet metal fabrication project, saving both time and money. Showing clients the extensive design possibilities available with sheet metal enables them to understand the wide range of options available with automated custom sheet metal fabrication and thus ensures the development of a high standard sheet metal end-product before committing to an overall design concept for the sheet metal product.

  Collaborative Approach to Sheet Metal Design

Once your needs are understood and agreed, the FORM2000 design team develop 3D concepts and assess buildability of your custom sheet metal component, and provide cost estimates.

FORM2000 has an engineering suite in our Melbourne factory equipped with 3D design and simulation software, that enables our engineers to reach the optimal machine selection and order of operations required to efficiently manufacture your sheet metal product. We can converge on the final solution rapidly using these tools.

  Prototyping Sheet Metal Products

FORM2000 understand that arriving at the final built form of your sheet metal product is often an iterative process. You need component prototypes to trial your assembly process and to build your custom sheet metal product prototype for further testing and design improvements.

FORM2000 can manufacture prototypes to assess fit and built form of your sheet metal components. Once approved, our engineers plan the manufacturing process in the FORM2000 Melbourne sheet metal factory and provide final costings.

  Manufacturing Sheet Metal to your specification

Of course, you might know exactly what sheet metal component or product you require and can provide final specifications for sheet metal fabrication. FORM2000 provides you with the fastest path toward a delivered, high quality sheet metal product to suit your OEM supply chain.

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