Shop Fittings & Display Interiors

Sheet metal manufactured to specification or custom designed

High-impact shop display form features and interior architecture – signage, display furniture, walkways, interior metal cladding panels and more.

At FORM2000, we appreciate that impressions count.

We understand that in the retail game and food service sector, in particular, aesthetic considerations are key.

Ensuring that every element of a shop’s presentation contributes to the overall perception of a brand and customer experience is a fundamental component of effective shop fit-out.

We work with retail developers, retailers, restaurants and cafés to custom design and manufacture new and innovative shop fittings and interior metal forms that serve to reflect and enhance our customers’ brand.

We specialise in creating sheet metal features with high impact.

Metal designs that can be developed as stand-alone features or integrated with other materials to create a unique, one-off effect.

We offer a range of metals, including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, and more impressive high-spec materials such as copper and brass and ‘mirror finish’ materials, for specialist design pieces. All metals are available in an array of finishes, including custom polishing, powder coating, or vintage ‘rust’ finish.

The design applications are unlimited!

Shop Fittings & Furnishings

The durability and portability of metal is adaptable to the design and manufacture of a range of shop fittings – from podiums, wall mounts, rail attachments, light boxes /enclosures, frames, panel systems, display systems, display cabinets/showcases, counters, changing room doors, and metal decorative fittings to café furniture – seating, tables, counters and bars.

Our automated sheet metal manufacturing facilities ensure cost effective production without compromising design and the ability to supply a wide range of sheet metal product quantities to meet the fit-out schedule.

Architectural Sheet Metal cladding retail fitout design by FORM2000 in Melbourne Decorative powder coated and laser cut sheet metal cladding interior by FORM2000 in Melbourne Laser cut decorative sheet metal cladding by FORM2000 in Melbourne

Interior Architecture

The design flexibility and visual appeal of fabricated sheet metal is suited to a range of interior design and shop features. Metal wall cladding/paneling, signage, walkways, balustrades, balconies, flooring and barrier screening - to name but a few.

We offer a wide range of finishing services to provide metal panels with decorative and protective coatings to match your intended visual outcomes.

We understand, in particular, that high-spec pieces requires extra care – and ensure sensitive handling through packing, transport and installation.

Internal Cladding Options

For shop fit-out and merchandising professionals seeking metal panels for internal wall cladding, FORM2000’s design and manufacturing team can work with you to achieve cladding options that are truly unique and for a similar cost to 'off-the-shelf' options.

Our CNC driven sheet metal fabrication machinery across a wide range of manufacturing processes including laser cutting, punching, folding, fabrication, fastener insertion, foam gasket application can deliver endless possibilities in commercial quantities.

Our design engineers can assist develop not just the visual scheme through custom profiling and surface treatment but can also to assist with providing fixing points and systems into the panels to meet installation requirements.

Our automated sheet metal machinery can ensure panels are manufactured to include tabs, holes, mounting brackets and insert fasteners and studs to achieve a cladding system to suit your specifications. We manufacture perforated panels and screens to specification, and laser cut decorative screens and features.

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