Laser Cutting in Melbourne

Next generation fibre laser cutting of sheet metal products

Unequalled speed, quality and design flexibility

FORM2000 provides a full range of sheet metal fabrication solutions, with capability to work with a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, plastics and composites of varying gauge thickness, from 0.33mm to above 10mm.

Our custom laser cutting sheet metal service is enhanced through our investment in the latest automated fibre laser cutting, storage and retrieval system, the AMADA FOL3015AJ Fibre Laser - dubbed 'the world's fastest fibre laser cutting system.'

Fibre optic laser cutting represents one of the most significant advances in recent times within sheet metal manufacturing, offering significant efficiency benefits through:

  • Significantly increased cutting speeds.
  • Minimal component distortion.
  • Higher accuracy, with consistent, repeatable welds and cuts.
  • Greater flexibility to handle detailed design requirements, and a range of material thickness, without compromising quality.
  • Enabling a wider range of materials to be cut, including copper, brass, titanium, in addition to traditional steel and aluminum.
  • Lower energy costs.

These efficiencies in turn provide customer benefit in enabling sheet metal design flexibility and delivery of a cost effective end product. Laser cutting offers particular benefit in the development of a sheet metal prototype product prior to design sign-off, avoiding expensive tooling costs.


  • AMADA FOL3015AJ Fibre Laser with Cycle Loader
  • AMADA LC 2415 Alpha IVNT Laser with Cycle Loader
AMADA laser cutting machine at the FORM2000 factory in Melbourne

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