Street Furniture

Manufactured to specification or custom designed

Public and open space infrastructure incorporating unique metal formwork.

Over the years, we’ve seen changes in the way that our city planners, private developers and urban landscapers approach the design of public infrastructure features – moving from pure utility to aesthetic considerations - and integration with urban master planning.

At FORM2000, we understand the primary design considerations associated with public infrastructure - aesthetics and utility, portability, durability - with ability to withstand weather considerations - consistency and replicability.

Street Furniture

Fabricated decorative sheet metal is featured in a range of public infrastructure applications contributing aesthetic amenity, barrier screening and signage incorporated within roads, parks, gardens and nature reserves, and playgrounds.

Increasingly, we are seeing metal formwork incorporated within our urban streetscape and open space environment in various forms – from park benches and picnic tables, drinking fountains, bollards, rubbish bin enclosures and fencing, to treeguards and grates designed as façades for water sensitive urban design features.

The innovative use of metalwork extends through our urban and local government regions, across state government (public and heritage buildings) and other public infrastructure (ports, rail and airports), as well as private developments.

State and Local Government

In our urban and metropolitan areas, varying planning guidelines have been developed to ensure construction of streetscape and landscape furniture – including integration of metal formwork features – in accordance with the character and development profile of various precincts and urban renewal projects.

We have the ability to work to local government design and construction specifications to produce quantity volumes on a consistent and cost-effective basis.

Laser cut and turret punched sheet metal exterior rail component manufactured by FORM2000 Decorative laser cut sheet metal cladding design by FORM2000 Fabricated and folded sheet metal prodcut manufactured by FORM2000 in Melbourne

Custom Design

Equally, we can work with government customers, private developers and landscape architects to provide input at design phase to develop unique, custom sheet metal product solutions - advising on materials and finish, laser cutting effects and manufacturing process to best achieve design objectives.

We offer a variety of metals including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum - and metal finishes – from polished, to painted, to powder-coated.

Let us show you how sheet metal can be incorporated to enhance the most mundane public amenity, creating objects of great beauty, strength, durability and utility.

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