Automated fibre laser welding technology of sheet metal

Making the impossible, possible with sheet metal

FORM2000 provides a range of welding units of varying capacity to handle materials as low as 0.45mm, up to 12.7mm plate.

Central to our welding capacity, FORM2000 has heavily invested in the latest automated fibre laser welding technology for sheet metal manufacturing from leading machinery supplier, AMADA, to offer our customers increased design flexibility and welding capability.

The AMADA FLW 4000 M3 next generation fibre laser welder, featuring a 6 axis high speed industrial robot system, offers automated robotic welding of the very highest standard, at higher speeds and with greater efficiency. The system enables welding of a wider range of materials, of different gauge thickness, than previously possible using standard welding equipment, and offers:

  • Increased welding speeds and reduced welding cycle time.
  • Less finishing work required given the precision process. Heat input into the material is minimised and results in precisely defined weld edges.
  • Handling of an increased range of materials previously unable to handle, including reflective material such as brass and copper.
  • Simulated process modelling through programming offline using a dedicated CAM software.
  • Ability to enable work at different welding levels – even at large thickness – due to unique auto focal adjustment.

A further unique feature of the FORM2000 system is the inclusion of a manual hand working station to enable hand fixing operations where required, to provide further design flexibility for a unique sheet metal solution. The system also includes an integrated, height-adjustable, tilt and turn table.


  • AMADA FLW 4000 M3 Robot Welding System
  • AMADA VC700W MIG Welding Robot
  • AMADA VC700W TIG Welding Robot
  • Daihan OTC 4000 DR 6 Axis MIG Welding Robot
  • MIG Welding x3
  • TIG Welding x3
  • AMADA ID40ST Spot Welding x3
  • AMADA TSIIIs-NT Table Spot Welder
  • Daihan OTC Alum 6 Axis Robotic TIG Welder Cell
Autmated sheet metal fabrication machine at the FORM2000 factory in Melbourne

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