Sheet metal folding with fully automated, or semi-automated solutions

Complex folds are handled with ease

It’s extraordinary what components can be fabricated and manufactured using sheet metal. A large radius bend, for example, isn’t a design feature that many people would think possible with sheet metal. Yet FORM2000's automated folding machines can achieve this with ease.

Typically, the single greatest time-cost component of the sheet metal manufacturing process is the folding operation. We work with our customers to develop the most cost-effective production solution based on requirement, accommodating both low and high production volumes through adapting fully automated, or semi-automated processes.

Our large investment in a range of leading-edge automated and robotic folding equipment from AMADA, provides us with the flexibility to optimise process selection to accommodate your end requirement – based on volume, sheet metal size, gauge and cost.

Our fully automated robotic solution offers significant benefits in our sheet metal folding factory when compared to traditional forming processes, including:

  • Outstanding bending quality
  • Exceptional precision and accuracy
  • Short setup times due to the automated tool changer
  • Simple programming and a high degree of operational convenience
  • Enhanced multi-staging capabilities
  • Low energy consumption

The system is particularly suited to large volume orders of sheet metal fabrication.


  • AMADA CB 83 x2
  • AMADA TBZ 2523H Automatic Panel Bender
  • AMADA HDS 8025NT x3
  • AMADA HDS 1030N
  • AMADA Astro 100NT HDS1030 x2
Sheet Metal folding machine at the FORM2000 factory in Melbourne

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