Turret Punching

State-of-the-art, CNC sheet metal punching equipment

Complicated shapes are our specialty

FORM2000’s extensive use of state-of-the-art, CNC sheet metal punching equipment, and large array of standard tooling, enables further shaping of your sheet metal component to meet the most complex configuration, working with a variety of material types, and gauges.

Our punching solutions and machinery capacity at FORM2000's Melbourne factory ensures delivery of a cost effective customer solution through optimised productivity, superior reliability and lower operating costs, supporting:

  • A wider range of forming capabilities.
  • Use of rolling tools, semi shearing and forming with far greater accuracy and speed.
  • Handling of large size sheets.
  • Quick and easy tool changes - using an Intelligent Turret Setup to assist with change in materials, clamp positions, tool type, angle, size and location. Our machines are equipped with a high capacity tool rack and automatic tool changer.
  • Increased tooling life.
  • Greater defect detection.
  • Lower energy consumption.

In-turret thread tapping also reduces potentially costly manual downstream processes.


  • AMADA EMZ 3610NT
  • AMADA EMZ 3510 with twin cycle loader and parts removal
AMADA sheet metal turret punching machine at the FORM2000 factory in Melbourne

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