A Bright Future in Transition

2016 Nov

A new study released by the CSIRO this week reveals that our manufacturing industry is not dying; rather, we are simply transitioning to a new mode of global operation. And our strengths far outweigh any weaknesses.

The research has identified that Australian manufacturers are already embracing the future.

A future that, as the CSIRO report points out, will be characterised by the adoption of advanced technology, automation, digitization and new materials and the provision of high value/high margin, niche and customised manufactured goods.

A recipe that we have certainly adopted at Form2000, and a particularly good one for SME’s, according to the CSIRO, which form the bulk of companies in Australia, with their inherent flexibility and high levels of innovation.

Through interviews with stakeholders; including manufacturers, industry and government organisations, and researchers, the CSIRO has identified major growth opportunities and the steps needed to reach new markets. Key to our future success are factors, including:

  • Australia needs to think globally; as a predominantly export country, global supply chain partnering is critical.
  • Collaboration is important amongst local industry players; to develop an entire value chain and to exploit new markets.
  • Research organisations will play a key role in ‘filling the gap’; engaging with industry to deliver research that assists Australian manufacturers to ‘differentiate, make manufacturing processes more efficient, monitor in real time and drive decision making with data’.

Find out more on the CSIRO blog.

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